System Components

Fleck 9100

9100 is a fiber-reinforced polymer valve for superior strength and durability. It is non-corrosive and UV-resistant, providing a continuous service flow rate of 5.4 m3/h with a backwash of 2.3 m3/h. The 9100 regenerates immediately when needed for continuous soft water, keeping system clean for optimum operating efficiency and minimum maintenance.

Technical characteristics

  • Tank size (Inch): 6, 10, 12, 14, 16
  • Service flow (m³/h): 4,0
  • Backwash flow (m³/h): 1,90
  • Inlet/Outlet: ¾”, 1“


  • Regenerates with soft water
  • Innovative second tank quick connection
  • Use of 100% of tank capacity before switching to the second tank
  • Corrosion-free fiber-reinforced polymer valve body


  • Optimum operating efficiency and minimum maintenance
  • Perfect for light commercial/heavy residential systems that require twin tank conditioning capabilities
  • Salt and water savings
  • Increases resistance and lifetime of the product

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