System Components

Fleck 5600

5600 SXT is a high performance control valve with multiple options for  softener applications. Its backwash capabilities perfectly accommodate softener tanks up to 12″ in diameter. Two non-corrosive, UV-resistant, fiber-reinforced polymer valve body designs are proposed: one for downflow regeneration and one for upflow (covers every valve in the 5600 family – quick access to all internal components). The valve is user-friendly, easily programmable and its modular design simplifies the disassembly and the maintenance.

Technical characteristics

Tank size (Inch): 6, 10, 12
  • Service flow (m³/h): 4,50
  • Backwash flow (m³/h): 1,60
  • Inlet/Outlet: ¾“, 1“


  • Large backlit LCD display with 3 push buttons
  • Advanced programming with 6 adjustable cycle times
  • Service flow rate up to 4.5 m³
  • Valve body in Glass PPO (Polyphenylene oxide)


  • Easy and user-friendly programming
  • Broader range of applications covered
  • Ideal for residential applications
  • Increased robustness and product life

Rebecca Filter