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Single Water Softener

Single Softener Hydro Smooth Single with separate brine tank for softening of iron- and manganese free drinking- and process water.

Consisting of

  • Pressure vessel of highest quality of corrosion resistant GFK, filled with softening resin in drinking water- and food quality
  • Central control valve of the „Clack“ or „Fleck“ company, made of Noryl®
  • Separate brine tank with sieve bottom
  • Integrated mixing valve

Please note

Softening systems for use in the drinking water sector have to comply with the technical rules for drinking water installations to DIN 1988-200 in accordance to DIN EN 1717:2011-08.
Hence following is essential:
The installation of a backflow preventer for the protection of the public drinking water network in case of a damage.
A chlorine electrolytic cell for disinfecting the softening resin during regeneration.
The forced regeneration at the latest after 3 days.


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