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Compact Cabinet Water Softeners

Enjoy the benefits of soft water day after day 
Over 50 % of all households in Germany have problems with hard water. In particular, hot water pipes and household appliances, such as coffee machines, washing machines, etc., that use warm water are confronted with the problem of lime content on a daily basis.
Defective pipes and water pipelines, lime scale on bathroom and kitchen fittings, increased cleaning efforts and rising energy costs due to calcified pipes may be the result of hard water. All those affected are familiar with the problems and additional costs caused by hard water. HYDRO SMOOTH optimally protects pipe networks, expensive household appliances, tiles and fittings against stubborn and unpleasant limescale deposits. This saves you time and money. Brittle hair is given more shine and softness, while rough skin becomes softer and less tense.


  • Reduces the water’s lime content and gives it the optimum balance and a pleasant freshness
  • Effectively reduces limescale deposits on fittings and sanitary surfaces
  • Increases the service life of household appliances and pipelines
  • Lowers energy and electricity costs
  • Reduces the consumption of detergents and cleaners
  • Enhances the aroma and taste of coffee, tea and food
  • Befeficial for skin and hair

Please note

Softening systems for use in the drinking water sector have to comply with the technical rules for drinking water installations to DIN 1988-200 in accordance to DIN EN 1717:2011-08.
Hence following is essential:
The installation of a backflow preventer for the protection of the public drinking water network in case of a damage.
A chlorine electrolytic cell for disinfecting the softening resin during regeneration.
The forced regeneration at the latest after 3 days.

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