Plants And System


Minidos systems are proportional mechanical volumetric dosing pumps.
It doesn’t require electrical power supply, the dosage, precise and proportional in each working conditions, is started hydraulically by a mechanical system.
MiniDOS can be used in cold and hot sanitary water but also to protect boilers, open loop cooling systems and household appliances as dishwashers and washing

Technical details

  • Connection: ½”,
  • Min.-max. water hardness: 3-20°dH
  • Min.-max. exercise pressure: 1,5-6 bar
  • Min.-max. water temperature: 5-30°C


  • No electrical power supply needed, easy handling
  • Completely self-priming
  • Ergonomic design allows manoeuvrability and an easier installation
  • No need for tightening, the reservoir with bayonet insertion allows a practical and easy connection with a simple “click”
  • The under vacuum pumping system offers even more guarantees of a precise and constant dosage as the sucking and pumping chambers are enclosed in the pump body


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