Ion Exchange Resins

Ion Exchange Resins General

Rebecca Filter GmbH provides high-quality ion exchange resins of leading manufacturers for numerous fields of applications.
Our delivery program contains various high class cation-, anion- and mixed bed resins as well as inert resins as for example Lewatit (Lanxess), Dowex (Dow), Resinex (Jacobi) and Purolite.
The ion exchangers are used for water treatment in the following areas:

  • Drinking water abstraction / – treatment
  • Food production
  • Industry- / process water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Softeners
  • Decarbonization systems
  • Making of ultrapure water (mixed bed resin)
  • Demineralization
  • Selective resins, e.g. for removal of heavy and noble metals, arsenic and e.g.

This is only a small excerpt of possible application fields.
Please contact us for an individual sales quotation meeting your demands and applications.
We will be very glad to assist you.


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