Filter Media

TITANSORB – for the removal of arsenic, killing of bacteria, and many others

Titansorb is an advanced filter material for the removal and adsorption of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, selenium, cadmium and copper from water. Furthermore, it is used for the effective aborticide of bacterias which are contained in the water.
Due to its unique and patented features the product can be used in many applications like municipal- and in the industrial sector as well as for the production of bottled- and mineral water


  • Patented adsorption material made of titandioxide
  • Extreme fast mass transfer kinetics


  • High adsorption capacity of heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, copper etc.
  • Aborticides bacterias very effectively
  • Cost-efficient due to infrequent change of material
  • Short contact time compared to aluminum- or iron hydroxide based filter materials
  • No regeneration chemical required


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