Filter Media

CATALYTIC CARBON – for the removal of suspended solids, chloramine, humic substances, and many others

Catalytic Carbon is coconut shell based activated carbon that is additionally iron coated/catalyzed. The filter material reliably removes suspended solids < 1 micron, organics, color, odor, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and many more. Due to its positive charged coating the adsorption of negative charged contaminants gets even enhanced. By dosing of Oxydes-P in an additional regeneration process the spent and contaminated Catalytic carbon can be re-activated many times.

Field of application

  • drinking water treatment
  • treatment of surface water
  • industrial water treatment


  • granular activated carbon coated with high content Feroxyhyte
  • activated carbon made of coconut shells
  • regenerable


  • very good adsorption of organic contaminants
  • Can be regenerated many times
  • Very high surface area (2000 – 2500 m²/g)


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