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Backwash Filter Boxer RD 1

The DVGW-certified Boxer RD 1“ fine filter with pressure regulator is designed for the filtration of drinking an process water. They protect the water pipes and connected water-carrying system parts from disturbances and corrosion damage due to undissolved impurities (particles), such as rust particles, sand, etc. They are perfectly suitable for installation directly downstream of the water meter protect the whole house installation. The clear filter sump allows to easily check the grade of contamination at any time.

Technical Data

  • Connection: 1“ R
  • Nominal flow: 3,6 m³/h
  • Initial pressure loss: 0,2 bar
  • Nominal pressure (PN): PN 16 bei 30 Grad C
  • Filter fineness: 100µ
  • Pressure regulator adjustable from: 1–6 bar
  • Factory setting: 4 bar
  • Installation length without screw connections: 100 mm
  • Installation length with screw connections: 182 mm
  • Total height: 298 mm
  • Made: Grünbeck



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