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SPECIAL FILTER – Activated Carbon Block Filter + Scale Prevention Quick Change

With the SPECIAL FILTER gastro and kitchen professional you have a multi-functional helper to give freshness and perfection to your tap water every day while removing unwanted substances. Using the SPECIAL FILTER also prevents the new build-up of limescale and removes existing limescale from expensive kitchen and catering appliances as well as pipes.


  • Removes visible limescale
  • Guarantees high capacity (up to max. 12,000 (10“) or 25,000 (20“) l)
  • Removes substances that affect taste or odour
  • Optimises the taste of food & drink
  • Health-boosting minerals such as calcium and magnesium are retained (which is not the case with processes based on reverse osmosis/ion exchangers)
  • Does not use any polyphosphates, sodium or ph-reducing hydrogen ions
  • Protects expensive kitchen and catering appliances
  • Reduces lead & copper content
  • Does not need to be supplied with any salt or power (= environmentally friendly)
  • Does not produce any waste water (no drainage required)
  • Simple to use and time-saving
  • Easy to assemble and service (= Quick-change-system)
  • Space-saving (= compact design)
  • Contains limescale prevention granules produced in Germany

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