Dosing Chemicals

Overwintering Agents for Pool Water

With a thorough preparation for the winter and the appropriate conditioning of the pool water, annoying winter damage to swimming pools can easily be prevented. The overwintering agent POOL-DOS winter can provide extensive protection for this. Pool-dos Winter is a liquid multi-component product of aqueous clear consistency that stabilizes the water hardness in pool systems and makes the wintering of swimming pools an uncomplicated undertaking through its user-friendly handling. The obligatory spring cleaning is also much easier and more effortless due to the wide range of effects of the product. Pool-dos Winter prevents the precipitation of calcium and magnesium carbonate, the hardeners, who are responsible for unsightly and above all harmful lime deposits. Water stone deposits on nozzles and pipes as well as on pelvic walls and pelvic floors can be effectively counteracted by pool-dos winter. Already existing deposits can be solved with sufficient exposure time. Pool-dos Winter has a bactericidal effect and inhibits the formation of algae in swimming pool water. The ph value is not changed by the addition of Pool-dos winter. The product is chlorine resistant, so that it does not interact with other addition products or inhibition and can be used with any given water hardness.


  • Swimming pool water
  • Ornamental Well water
  • High pressure cleaners, flow heaters, steam radiators


  • Stabilistaion of water hardness
  • Inhibits precipitation of hardeners
  • Bactericidal and Algicides effect
  • No change in ph value
  • Application independent of water hardness


  • User-friendly handling
  • Easy to use and dosage
  • Reduction of possible weather-related damage
  • Prophylactic treatment simplifies start-up in spring


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