Dosing Chemicals

pH Plus – corrective products for swimming pools

PH-Plus is a powder-shaped bundle that is used in the area of ph-value regulation of swimming pool water to raise a given ph-value. The product is the alkali salt of a weak acid.
According to DIN 19643:2012-11, the ideal ph value of swimming pool water is between ph 6.5 to ph 7.5 (for freshwater/salt water to ph 7.8). In order to ensure that these values are constant, ph-plus should be used at a too low ph value because a too low, which means acid ph value of the swimming pool water can strengthen corrosion processes and lead to the formation of nitrogen trichloride. This is harmful to our health and can cause massive mucosal irritation. The jointing material of the swimming pool can also be porous by the acidic content or taps and other surfaces could be corroded.
A too low pH- value is not desirable and should be increased with the pH-Plus.


  • Swimming pool water
  • Ornamental Well water


  • Alkaline Reactive Powder
  • Consists of the alkali salt of a weak acid
  • Dosage is based on given carbonate hardness
  • PH-plus is corrosive
  • no contact with other chemicals or metals


  • Good solubility in water
  • User-friendly handling
  • Easy to use
  • ph-value increase is carried out in small units


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