Dosing Chemicals

pH Minus – corrective products for swimming pools

PH-minus is a powder-shaped container that is used for the constant ph-value correction of swimming pool water to reduce the ph-value.
The product ph-minus is the alkali salt of a mineral acid. In order to have constant ideal water conditions, the ph value of swimming pool water (according to DIN 19643:2012-11) should be between ph 6.5 to ph 7.5. (in salty water even up to ph 7.8) Therefore, ph-minus should be applied at an excessively high ph value, as a too high ph value indicates that the water is alkaline and if there is a strong deviation in the guideline value, the skin and eye irritation may be caused. Furthermore, the alkaline content reduces the disinfectant effect of used chlorine, but at the same time favours the precipitation of lime-scale, which not only leaves visually unwanted and unsightly residues, but is also very harmful for the mechanical and technical Components of the pool systems over the long term.
Consequently a too high ph-value is not desirable and should be lowered through ph-minus.


  • Swimming pool water
  • Ornamental Well water


  • Salt- acidic-free reactive powder
  • Consists of the alkali salt of a mineral acid
  • Must not be brought into contact with other chemicals
  • ph-minus is not corrosive, but contact with metal parts should be avoided


  • Good solubility in water
  • User-friendly handling
  • Easy to use
  • ph-value reduction is carried out in small units


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