Dosing Chemicals

Multifunctional Tablets

The organic chlorination medium POOLWONDER is used for disinfecting swimming pool water and is available in tablet form. Due to the 4-component effect of POOLWONDER, conditions that cause unsightly discoloration and are responsible for unpleasant odors can be eliminated at an early stage. Because POOLWONDER combines four elementary functions:

  • Disinfection
  • Stabilizer
  • Algaecide
  • Flocculation

Especially at hardness levels above 20° german hardness (DH), the application of organic chlorination is sensible and also more purposeful than the application of inorganic products. If the hardness of the water is not taken into account, a lime precipitation can be further promoted by Kalziumhypochlorid, which is contained in inorganic chlorine compounds, and then cause unsightly and harmful deposits. Therefore, the hardness of the water should be kept constantly in view and determine the choice of the chlorination.
Organic chlorine compounds are generally more stable than inorganic chlorine compounds and are therefore particularly responsible for permanent chlorination. By releasing active chlorine, swimming pool water is disinfected and placed in a hygienically flawless condition.

POOLWONDER is particularly suitable for private swimming pool operation due to its simple handling and the wide range of active ingredients.


  • Swimming pool water
  • Ornamental Well water


  • Disinfection of swimming pool water over 20° german hardness level (DH)
  • Addition to refilling or shock chlorination
  • Available as tablets


  • User-friendly handling
  • Simple application and dosing specifications through tabletshape
  • Comprehensive impact through 4-component effect
  • Can contribute to an unrestricted bathing pleasure


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