Dosing Chemicals

Instant Isoft

Dosing chemicals are always a combination of chemical and water (up to approximately 95%). Rebecca Filter ® offers a compact and extremely efficient solution, the “instant dosing chemicals” dosing chemicals in powder form, instead of already finished with water-stirred dosing media.
These are simply and uncomplicatedly touched with water only where they are actually needed. This saves unnecessary high transport and handling costs, the space requirement in the warehouse is reduced immensely and the disposal of otherwise usual liquid containers is omitted. In addition, the instant I-soft dosing media convinces by long lifetime and performance.


  • Reduced transport and handling costs through powder form
  • Uncomplicated shipping due to material properties
  • Optimized storage due to small space requirements
  • Easy to use
  • Personal contribution to environmental protection
  • Controllable product concentration


Rebecca Filter